About KKR Wealth Group

What is our why?

We know how it feels to have uncertainty when investing

Just a few years ago I had concerns about investing in real estate. 

  •  “What options are there?
  • How do I learn?
  • What do I do?” 

It’s not an easy process if you don’t know where to start.  

We know because we’ve been there.  We’ve been in your shoes.  We GET it.

We are here to see you succeed

At KKR Wealth Group, our core mission is to help YOU create passive income and build wealth by investing in multi-family real estate. We discuss the fears and hesitancies you may have and how to address them.  We educate on the risks of this asset class.  We teach you the terminology you need to know to go through OMs and have an understanding on how to evaluate any deal.

Once you learn and understand the characteristics of multi-family investing, you get an opportunity not just to invest, but to invest with us!  We’re available to help answer any questions, address any fears, and give a level of comfort and support not found elsewhere.  You won’t be alone.  Ever.   

Kishor Rao, Managing Partner, KKR Wealth Group

Professionally, I’ve been in the tech industry for close to 30 years.  I own assets in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee and Iowa.  I’ve done note investing and private lending.  I’ve also learned how to control even more of my finances using IBC concepts.  It’s a non-stop journey of learning and I love every minute of it. I would love to partner with you.

We only provide opportunities we believe will fit what you are looking for.  These opportunities are those which we ourselves are comfortable with in our investment portfolios. We want to ensure that you understand the process is not difficult and you too can start building passive wealth on your terms.  It’s a process we trust and are confident we can help you succeed.  Will you be partnering with us in this journey?

Jim Biggs, Key Principal, KKR Wealth Group

With over 20 years of experience in real estate, Jim is a founding partner at Jiroma Enterprises where his valuable skills in business management, sales, marketing, finance, deal structure, and community development are being utilized to apply his lifelong interest in real estate investing. Today Jim controls and has invested in over 1000 units.

Jim is the founder of the GOB Network, an open source, democratized all inclusive platform for apartment investors to source deals, partners, capital. The platform also provides coaching, mentoring, teaching and access to partnerships as GP, KP, LP, JV and other creative deal structures.